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  • SIP Trunks

    SIP Trunks provide businesses with multiple telephone lines over a single high-speed Internet connection. SIP Trunks are designed to replace legacy ISDN and old phone lines (PSTN services). With major savings on existing line rental and outbound call charges, businesses will see a significant reduction in telephone bills and improve business communications.

    Benefits of SIP Trunks:

    Major cost savings versus traditional ISDN or PSTN line rental and call charges using our SIP Trunks and competitive call rates.

    Simple Pricing You pay for the calls you make at competitive rates with no minimum commitments or complicated pricing

    Highly scalable, as the business grows, additional call capacity can be added quickly

    Invisible to Users Just pick up the phone, make and receive calls as normal. Our systems do the clever bit.





  • VoIP

    VoIP communications releases businesses from high call charges and fixed costs imposed by traditional telephone companies.

    As VoIP calls utilise the internet, there is no line rental and no fixed monthly charges.

    With VoIP, you can call between SIP accounts for nothing. If you have offices in different locations, you can reduce your inter-office call costs to zero, even if they are located on the other side of the World!

    No Contracts

    With our VoIP call services, there are no contracts, minimum periods, standing charges or other commitments.

    Simply register, add credit to your account and start calling. Manage your account online so that you are always in control.






  • Numbers

    UK Wide Numbering : We offer flexibility of geographic and non geographic phone numbers anywhere in the UK. Your business might be local, but you may want to have a national presence.

    Call Forwarding : If you are going out and wish to continue receiving your office calls or if you’re a new business just needing an office telephone number to get you started, you can forward your calls to your mobile or any number, anywhere.

    Number portability :  you can port your number and add numbers as you need them.

    Number provisioning : your calls are routed to your IP address or forwared to any number anywhere you wish.









  • Call Centers

    We provide SIP trunking for inbound and outbound telecom services to your call center or business, no matter what the size.

    We use latest technology powered network to transport call traffic reliably with business grade voice quality, at competitive rates .

    We take pride in our customer focus and our ability to design telecommunications solutions that fit customer needs and we back this up with great customer service and technical assistance. We provide real time online account information and management tools to all of our customers.

    Benefits of using our service:   

    • Our Pay As You Go model gives you top quality with no volume commitments, complicated agreements or credit vetting issues.
    • Get access to great business quality termination with a single SIP account.   
    • Benefit from our large volume and purchasing power.   
    • Get trouble resolved fast with responsive Customer Care.   
    • Access your CDRs in REALTIME with our Customer Management Portal.  
    • Credit your balance immediately using your credit card or Paypal.  
    • Deal with a company that values integrity and fair dealing.






Henley professionally managed upgrade and migration of our Call Center to VoIP, enabling us to save substantially on infrastructure and call costs. I would highly re...